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Digital Editing

By Evan Taub

When people ask me what digital editing is, I reply, “It’s a technology- based art, only a more modern type for the 21st century.” Digital editing offers an artist the opportunity to take a photograph, his or someone else’s, and change it digitally by altering the image. You can use techniques such as cropping, altering size, changing backgrounds, or adding weather elements.

I have liked this type of design work starting at an early age. I like how I can make an existing picture my own and have people view it in a different way than it was meant originally.

My dad is a graphic designer and I would watch him work and ask him to show me what he was doing and how. Now, I do it on my own and he wants to know what it is I am doing!

I have a few friends who do digital video editing and I’ve learned a lot from them as well as from my dad. For the most part, I digitally edit sports pictures. I use a picture from the Internet or one that I have taken with my camera. I then use a software program called Photoshop to make the edits. I change the colors, bring in different pictures of other people, combine the two images, make fire and weather elements, change transparency and place other backgrounds! You name it!

I prefer football and basketball but will edit anything sports-related. Many times, friends or people who have seen my work will send me pictures and ask me to do some editing for them. When I finish the edit I post them to sites such as Instagram and Twitter. I also send friends the pictures to keep on their own phones.

We showcase the best we have on a daily or weekly basis. Then, people will comment and tell us their thoughts of what we did. We love feedback in that it makes us strive to do better.

Evan taub.digitally edited beard
Digitally edited photo of James’ beard

Most people to date have said they like the James Harden picture. They like the fire in his eyes because it represents his strong personality and amazing capabilities as an athlete.

Evan Taub.digital edit.Beard original
Original photo of James’ beard

The first piece I ever digitally edited was when I went to the United States Naval Academy (USNA) with my mom. My mom works there and she took me for a tour one sunny afternoon in the fall. I used her Canon camera to take photographs and came home and spent the next three hours digitally editing these pictures. It was then that I realized how much I enjoyed doing this. I had always enjoyed taking pictures and the computer design but this was something different and new for me. It all kind of clicked at that moment.

Evan Taub.digital editing.original
Original photo of a United States Naval Academy (USNA) building
Altered photo of a USNA building
Digitally edited photo of a USNA building

If someone asked me how they could start editing pictures of any kind, my advice would be to start taking pictures and learning how to download them to your computer. Once you have mastered this, start doing subtle edits to those pictures. When you are comfortable with this, then use Photoshop. That is an application you buy for your computer that lets you create magic.

Evan Taub, a seventh grader at Severna Park Middle School, Anne Arundel County, is an experienced Photoshop wiz who is learning the ins-and-outs of mastering digital editing, graphic design, and how technology and modern media collide. His passion for sports has been fused with a desire to learn and craft skills related to digital image manipulation, video production, and advertising.