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STEM Reflection by Ashlyn Ryan


Since beginning the STEM program, I have had so many new experiences. Specifically, I have gone on field experiences (field trips), where I have had the chance to go from landfills, to farms, to the Library of Congress and Phillip Merrill. Then, there have been the STEM Saturdays. I thought I would hate going to school on Saturdays; but, I actually have had fun doing some of the stations and learned a lot along the way.

The best field experiences so far were The Library of Congress and Phillip Merrill. During our visit to The Library of Congress, we went to different stations, and learned about why The Library of Congress is so important, but in a fun way. Were weren’t just sitting and reading books in a library. We boy-detective-with-magnifying-glassgot our own “Book of Secrets” where we became detectives and had to unlock the secrets in the Thomas Jefferson Building. Another field experience that I enjoyed was Phillip Merrill. We went on a big boat and caught oysters separating them by dead and alive. At the next station, we went on a canoe ride and then caught fish. All in all, we were seeing how healthy our waterways and the animals that live in them are. It was awesome.

The field experiences that I did not particularly care for were the farm and the landfill. I didn’t really like the farm because all we did was plant some trees and it took us forever to walk there and I don’t like to sweat! We also put chemicals in the water to see if it was clean, but we do that a lot so it was nothing new and exciting, so I did not like the farm that much. Another field experience that I disliked was the landfill because the whole time we stayed in the bus and only got out once, for five minutes, and that was stinky.

Overall, the activity I enjoyed the most was the very first thing we did, which was going to Camp Letts over the summer. I got to meet kids and do fun things plus it was an overnight trip. This trip made my first day of middle school a little less scary and I was excited to dive more into the STEM world. I now have a great group of friends and teachers and this is why I love being a part of Central Middle School (CMS) STEM.

Sixth grader Ashlyn Ryan, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, learned that Saturday School wasn’t so bad after all.