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Stephen Hawking By Lance Lauer



black holeDear Stephen Hawking,

You inspire me with your theories about black holes. I find your work interesting because I am very interested in the universe, black holes, and physics. These topics appeal to me because they explain about space and our life in this universe. I also like these topics because of the explanations of this universe.

Thank you for your contribution to science about black holes, quantum mechanics, and general relativity. I am amazed that you have still done outstanding work even with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, which gives you so many challenges physically. You have showed me that someone can do outstanding things even with certain limitations. I also am moved by the all the theories you have made. I am moved because these theories are needed for the study of black holes.

Lance Lauer

Sixth grader Lance Lauer, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, read about the amazing life and work of Stephen Hawking.