roedownExperience 1: Roedown Farm

At Roedown Farm, I planted a tree named Pumpkin. Tucker and Lana planted her. ”Yes it is a girl!” Also, I jumped into a big mud pit and slowly started to sink but I gave up my shoes to live! And, I went into the forest and saw three fox holes! Also, the weird thing was that nobody was home, only a few babies. Finally, we came back and my friends and I were going to get on a school bus but we got to go on the back of a coach bus while we made jokes and played around!

Experience 2: Clagett Farm

When we first got to Clagett Farm, we got off the bus with our instructor. We went on a wagon to see many birds. My partner and I saw at least nine types. Then, we talked about how they feed the animals. We also had to put, in order, the steps of feeding cows. Last, we got to see some cows and bulls. We made a human fence and the cows and bulls ran in front of us. One of the cows rushed at a girl in our group then I scared it with a loud noise. It went back to the herd and we got them into the next field, the feeding fields. Finally, we at some lunch, then played soccer. My team won. Last, we played a game sort of like sharks and minnows, but it’s called trees and bushes.

Experience 3: Library of Congress

When we first got on the bus, my friends and I had fun on our phones; then, when we got to a stop, we saw it. It was so big and had so many statues that I thought they were in a hall or something. Also, when we got into the library, our guide told us all about this place and the rules. Inside, we saw the beautiful art, sculptures, poems, and books. We also had to do three stations, identify a $1 bill, a poem, and a picture. At the end, we took a group picture and left. On the way back my friend threw candy at my mouth and we laughed all the way home.

Sixth grader Liam Luckman, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, is a first-year STEM student who loves science and math. He hopes to use his knowledge to teach the world how to use alternative fuels.