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Scarefest by Karrson Atwell


One sunny day in July, Marcus woke up and was excited about going to Camp Letts with his sister, June. He ran downstairs to get ready. Finally, it was time to go so Marcus and June got on the bus. On the way to camp, Marcus sat with someone who was very nice and became his friend. His name was Dylan. During the ride, June met a new friend, too; her name was Olivia. At last, they got to camp, but their excitement soon faded away when they saw that the camp was rundown and dirty.bus

The camp warden, Mr. Greenley, met them at the bus stop and told everyone not to go into cabin 706, but would not say why. If there was even an ounce of excitement left, it disappeared when June and Marcus were separated into different cabins. The only bright side was that they were each in cabins with their new friends. After unpacking and settling into their cabins, June and Marcus went fishing at the lake. There, they both wondered why Mr. Greenley said not to go into cabin 706. Then Marcus said, “That seems a little FISHY!” After everyone laughed at his horrible pun, they got back to business and decided they would sneak into cabin 706 and investigate. Later, they had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows.

The next morning at breakfast they and their friends discussed how Marcus and June would sneak into cabin 706. Dylan said the day before at the lake when he was fishing, he caught a key labeled 706 and agreed to give it to them. Later that day during arts and crafts, they used leaves, sticks and felt to create a camouflage blanket to hide themselves the next day. A little while later during wood shop, Marcus and June each made a ladder to use to climb out of their cabin window the next night.

keyThe following morning, they went over the supplies they would need for their investigation. Assured that they had everything, they announced that they were ready to proceed. That night, around midnight, they snuck out of their cabins, met at the lake, camouflaged themselves with their new blanket and then traveled to cabin 706. Once there, they took out the key labeled 706 and put it in the keyhole.

Amazingly, it turned! Once in, they saw that it hadn’t been used in a while and was completely rundown. Assuming that is why Mr. Greenley said not to go in, they decided to look around for a short while and then leave. All of a sudden, one of the beds collapsed and made a thunderous roar. Startled by the bed, they jumped but quickly reassured themselves that it must have only been mice gnawing at the bed legs.

But then, a light fixture smashed to the ground and shattered, throwing glass everywhere. Hoping it was another crazy coincidence, Marcus and June looked at the chain that was holding it, expecting to see a rusty spot where the chain had broken.

Alas, what they saw was a perfectly good stainless steel chain that had been cut by wire cutters. Out of nowhere, a menacing voice, deeper than the deepest ocean, scratchier than the roughest sandpaper, and sharper than the sharpest sword, pierced the silence, shrieking, “GET OUT!”

Scared out of their wits, June and Marcus ran to the door, realizing too late that the old rusty key had broken off in the doorknob, locking them in cabin 706. Slowly, a figure crept toward them wearing tattered black cloth and carrying a hatchet. In a low voice, the figure said, “Congratulations! You are on Scare Fest, the world’s #1 prank show!”

At that moment, June and Marcus put together that Mr. Greenley knew that at least one STEM kid would be crazy enough to sneak in and investigate.

Sixth grader Karrson Atwell, Central Middle School, Anne Arundel County, couldn’t believe the horror that would unfold at Camp Letts.